Friday, 7 October 2011

Tips For Long Distance Relationships - Do They Work?

I have a ton of experience in this particular field, as sad as you may say that is. I've gone through many, some on good terms and others..well..let's just say that a shovel to their face wouldn't be enough for me. I'm sick, I know.

ANYWAY, onto business. Do long distance relationships work? Keep in mind that my experience comes from meeting girls over the internet. I have no experience in, say, a soldier deployed overseas away from his wife or business trips.

Here is a list of things I have learned over the years, you can take them with a grain of salt, the choice is ultimately your's.

1. Trust Is KEY
When a long distance relationship begins, you'll probably believe that this girl/guy is the one. You found your significant other and there is no way s/he would hurt you. This isn't necessarily true. If you're anything like me, it only takes a single act of mistrust to sour the entire relationship for good. Paranoia sets in after that point. It's easy for your girl or guy to say "I'm sorry" but without the physical presence of one another, it's easy to become paranoid. The trust has to remain in tact.

2. No Future, No Point
Can you see yourself with this person a year from now? I don't mean still in a relationship, I mean together in person. Ask yourself, what's the point in being with this person if I'll never be able to touch them? What about intimacy? Can you kiss your computer screen and use your hand for the rest of your life? It's a little easier if you're in the same country, possibly same state or province but if you're from different countries, who is going to move? One of you is going to have to leave.

3. Find Things to do Together
It's much more difficult to find things to do when you're dating long distance. You can't go to dinner, go for a drive, go on mass murder sprees. It sucks, plus washing the blood off together in the shower is fun. All your activity together has to be centered around a computer and the internet and if you enjoy going out and doing stuff, it's going to be even harder. It's manageable if your a social hermit like myself though. If you're both gamers and have the same console, there you go, play online. Feel like watching a movie together? Download the same movie file and hit play at the same time. It works, trust me. If you're the type of person who enjoys hanging out, tough shit cause the transition is going to be rough. It's a must though because just talking 24/7 can get dull.

4. Spend Time Apart
Like any relationship, alone time is a must. Being around the same person all the time can be relationship suicide. You eventually get sick of their habits, it's just human nature. Don't sit on your computer all day, every day. Get out, do something apart. Trust me, if you don't you will find yourself wanting nothing more than to smack a bitch.

These are just a few things required to make a long distance relationship manageable. I really hope this hasn't terrified you and just turned you off from LD relationships altogether. It is possible to meet a person you could very well spend the rest of your life with. You just have to be willing to shove your hands into a hole of needles and sift through them to find the gold.

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